Ultracool Pics-15

Single-seat bamboo-made electrical car “BamGoo” is displayed in Kyoto city, western Japan. The 60-kg ecologically-friendly concept car is developed by the city and the Kyoto University,more Pics after the break...
A model of a BMW Z4 sports car made from bricks is on display in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, China. The bricks car weighs 6.5 tons designed by Chinese artist Dai Geng
An Abu Dhabi billionaire is the proud owner of a Mercedes V10 Quad Turbo sports job that has a body made of white gold! Not gold paint, but gold alloy sheet metal
The new fully transparent Rinspeed creation eXasis has open wheels, a cigar-shaped body with fore and aft tandem seating, and has elements of the legendary Auto Union race cars from the first half of ...  
A gold-plated Infiniti sports car is displayed at a jewelry store in Nanjing, south of Beijing. It took five artisans over four months to plate gold on the Infiniti car

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