The Most Beautiful Women of Sports

Alisson Stokke
Allison is a pole vaulter for the California high school. She doesn't have any major sport achievements to date, but she became immensely popular on the Internet after a big website featured her pictures. Well, after I saw the images I became her biggest fan immediately.More Images after the break...

Ashley Harkelroad

Michelle Wie 

She was born in 1989 (make the maths lazy ass) in Hawaii. Back in 2005 she became a professional golfer, and now she takes part in the LPGA.

Ana Ivanovic

Erika Prezerakou

Gabrielle Reece

Maria Kirilenko

Maria Sharapova

This is a woman not for the faint of heart. At 6 feet and 2 inches, the Russian beauty is a former number one tennis player in the world. 

Natalie Gulbis

Malia Jones

Hollywood's Beauty : Blake Lively

Actress Blake Lively led the ranking of the most stylish celebrity of 2011. The list, which includes the 10 most fashionable stars, published on the official website of the magazine  People.The experts pointed own individual style and her ability Lively dress bright and catchy. This year she was also named the most desirable woman in the world.More images after the break...

Most Amazing Buildings In The World

The Ufo House, Sanjhih, Taiwan

The Ufo House in Sanjhih, Taiwan is actually an deserted resort project. It earned this nickname from Taiwanese for its strange futuristic design.More Images after the break...

Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Piet Blom had an idea of cubic houses in 1970s. Some of them were built in Helmond and when Rotterdam city asked him to build housing on top of a pedestrian bridge he chose this concept.

Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic

The ‘Dancing Building’ is a nickname given to Nationale-Nederlanden building that is located in Prague’s downtown. Designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in collaboration with Canadian Frank Gehry the building was completed in 1996. The building was built instead of the one that was destroyed during Bombing of Prague in 1945.

Ferdinand Cheval Palace a.k.a Ideal Palace, France

Ferdinand Cheval Palace was built by a postman in Hauterives, France, who intended to use it as his own tomb but haven’t obtained a license for that. His Ideal Palace is now known around the world.

Forest Spiral Hundertwasser Building, Darmstadt, Germany

Forest Spiral Hundertwasser was built in 2000. Designed by Austrian architect and painter, Friedensreich Hundertwasser the building has 105 apartments and features colorful and organic design.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Built by Nervion River Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art was designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. The building’s silhouette resembles the ship while the design was random, which helped it, according, to architect catch the light.

Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, United-States

As an incentive to visit library the design in the downtown of Kansas city was made in shape of books that according to people of Kansas city represent Kansas.
Update: I was told that it’s a parking garage not the actual library. And still it looks awesome, isn’t? What can I say? A suitable building for storing books.

The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

Started and finished in 2003 The Crooked House was design was based on Polish artist and child books illustrator, Jan Marcin Szancer’s and Per Dahlberg’s, Swedish painter pictures and paintings.

Bahá’í House of Worship a.k.a Lotus Temple, Delhi, India

Bahá’í House of Worship mostly known as Lotus Temple was constructed in 1986 and is a Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent. It is open for people of all religions.

Ripley’s Building, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Known for the collection of odd and unbelievable things and artifacts Ripley’s Believe It or Not! franchise just had to have this kind of building.

World of Luxury : Expensive Cell Phone


This next iPhone becomes the leader of the most expensive mobile phone for several reason.First, it was designed by famous Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International. Second, the casing is made of 271 grams of 22k solid gold, added with 136 diamonds and completed with a rare big 7.1 carat diamond on the home button. Stuart took 10 months to make one of this and if you buy one now, he will packed this Supreme phone with 7 kg granite box that is lined in nubuck leather. Do you like to have one of these phones ? Read more after the break...

The casing of this cell phone is made of stainless steel.This cellphone has 62,144 thousand colour TFT display, sapphire coated glass (which is scratch-resistant) , 2 megapixel camera, 120 MB memory, html browsing,video streaming services,Bluetooth, EDGE and E-mail features.It measures 107 x 45 x 15.0-16.5 mm and weighs 134 grams.It also has ball bearings for sliding purpose.
Vertu Signature Cobra: $310,000.
Vertu release 2 editions of this type and the cheaper one sold for $ 115,000. Vertu only released 8 of this $310k Vertu cobra to market. 8 of these phone are completed with a Signature cobra that was designed by French Boucheron and this accessory is made of two diamonds, 439 rubies and two emeralds.

This cell phone is Studded with 1,200 diamonds and its keypad is designed with 18 carat gold.This cell phone  measures 85.5 x 44 x 24 mm and weighs 100 grams.

Designed by  :- Peter Aloisson
This cell phone is named as Princess because it has  princess shaped diamond cut that studded all over the casing.It has superb arrangement of 138 princess cut and 180 brilliant cut diamonds with a weight of 16.50 – 17.75 carats  and 18 Carats of white gold.It weighs 135 grams.

GOLD EDITION NOKIA 8800  ($2,700)
This cell phone is made of 24K gold and features 0.5 Mega pixel SVGA camera and a 2, 62,000 colors, TFT (208 x 208) display.EDGE, Bluetooth, Infrared, Java, MMS, SMS, USB, WAP are the connectivity options in this cell phone.It measures 107 x 45 x 17.5 mm and weighs 138 grams.

 GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique: $1.300.000
Only Millionaires will have an access to order this phone. This phone is made by GoldVish Luxury Communications and they only made 3 of these phone for the world. It is cased with 18k pure and solid white gold plus 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds. It broke Guinness Book of World Records as the world`s most exclusive and expensive mobile phone in the world. The price is one million Euros or approximately US$1.3 million and it is only available with a special order.

Designed by  :- Jaren Goh
The body of this cell phone is made from titan and polycarbonate and spots a cutting edge mirror that finish cladding, adorned with diamonds.The smartphone is powered by Intel Xcale PXA255 400MHz processor running on Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and  features 4 mega pixel with 256 TFT screen.The  cellphone supports Internet telephoning via W-LAN and it is possible to access Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

It was produced by Peter Aloisson from Moscow JSC Ancort. It becomes 4th most expensive mobile phone because this phone is covered with 50 diamonds on the edges and that is including 8 rare diamonds ever founded on the earth. The navigation button and Ancort logo are manufactured with 18k rose gold. It is featured with Windows CE operating system, large and high resolution TFT displays and and 256-bit cryptographic algorithm. It supports Java, media player, Wap, SMS, MMS and many more.

VERTU DIAMOND  ($88,000)
Vertu Diamond has ceramic shell plated with 18 carat gold half tiled with Swarowsky crystals.This phone measures 122x42x15.5 mm and weighs 175 grams with battery.The phone supports 2G network for GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900.The main drawback of this phone is the absence of a camera.This phone is available in ten colors including yellow, blue, red, black and brown .

Kiss me : if U can ?

In your arms I feel so great,the warmth,the love,Best place is in that state,Love me,Hold me,Kiss me
Happy Kiss Day 2012,Read more images after the break...

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