Bobby refuses to spank bums

While, Akshay and Irrfan accepted these dance moves, Bobby was uncomfortable with the same. Says a source from the sets of Thank You, "When Akshay, Irrfan and Bobby were shown the steps for the song, Bobby was hesitant to perform the spanking move. Actually Bobby is very conscious about the fact that he is married and refrains from such provocative steps."

The latest Anees Bazmi comedy, 'Thank You' is about extra marital affairs, starring Bobby Deol, Akshay Kumar, Irrfan Khan and Suneil Shetty

Even after a lot of coaxing Bobby refused to budge, even Anees Bazmi tried to talk Bobby into doing the step, but Bobby explained his predicament to Anees and he understood and finally the dance move was only picturised on Akshay and Irrfan

Being a movie with many steamy scenes, there was a song sequence which had a dance step involving the actors to spank their co-dancers on their buttocks

Says Anees Bazmi, "Thank You is a film about extra marital affairs. It's an out and out comedy and keeping in mind the theme of the film, the choreographer came up with the dance steps. It was a dance step that was performed in jest. In fact, we were all making fun of Bobby that he felt shy."

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